STOP outsourcing your CONSOLE repairs...Do them YOURSELF!
PS4 HDMI Soldering for Beginners
100% Online - At Your Own Pace Course
What will you learn during the course?
We will dive into the what, why and how of an HDMI. Knowing the answers to these 3 points will not only increase your confidence in repair, but will increase your success rate, making your customers happier and ultimately making you more money.

  • Quickly: Get up to speed and be capable of skillfully replacing the HDMI port
  • Inexpensively: The tools list will not break the budget, neither will the course
  • Capability: The skill learned in this course will apply for other repairs as well.
Repair PS4 HDMI Ports Easily...
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Equipment Supplier
The ability to solder is an immensely valuable skill. It is highly technical, but easily learned, I will teach you how.
Learn Proven Techniques
Get Immediate Access!
Fully Online Course
Our course is designed to be taken at your own pace IN YOUR OWN SHOP! Gone are the days of leaving your shop for a week or more to take a training.
Detailed Video Demonstration
Extremely detailed video demonstrations will guide you through each step of the process molding you into a MicroSoldering Expert in no time.
Extensively Documented
The video is accompanied by our written documentation giving you reference charts, dos and do not as well as anything else that is vital to making you successful.
What does the course cover?
Thermal Mass/Heat Transfer
Trending as the most highly misunderstood element of soldering...we teach for understanding on the key topic.
Fillets/Solder Bridges
No, not catfish fillets (we wish)...solder fillets are a key to a strong joint and if done correctly, will lead to a long lasting durable repair.
Common Mistakes
Mistakes happen and are normally part of a regular repair. Knowing how to correct and prevent them is key to a quick and successful repair.
Go from Plz Bro to
Tech Pro in no time!
Confidently Repair PS4 HDMI Ports After Following This Course
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